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  Tenders & Advertisements
1   RFP for Selection of System Integrator (SI) on Fuel Utilization Monitoring System (FUMS) for OSRTC.
2   Notification for System Integrator (SI) on Fuel Utilization Monitoring System (FUMS).
3 Costruction of Main Gate at Central store Badambadi, cuttack.
4 Selection of Drivers & Conductors by M/s Kaapro Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
5 Corrigendum-2 to Tender Reference no.620 dated 27.09.2022, Request for Empanelment (RFE) for Construction Agencies for providing comprehensive Engineering service for Building works to Execute OSRTC Projects, last date of receipt of proposal is extended as the following.
6 Corrigendum-2 to Tender Reference no.927 Dated 27.09.2022, Expression of Interest Proposal for Empanelment of service Provider for Facility Management Services (FMS).
7 Corrigendum-1 to Tender Refernce no.620, Dated 27.09.2022.
8 Corrigendum-1 to Tender Reference no.927, dated 27.09.2022.
9 Request for Empanelment (RFE) of Contractors, OSRTC.
10 Expression of Interest (EoI) for FMS, OSRTC
11 Request for Empanelment (REF).
12 Corrigendum-1 to Tender no.515 dated 21.07.2022, for selection of Agencies for Hiring of Light vehicles.
13 Tender of Hiring light vehicles.
14 List of seating capacity of buses for third party.
15 Extension of date for submission of financial bid.
16 Comprehensive insurance (List-2) with respect to financial proposal formats of revised EoI for selection of IRDA approved insurance agencies for OSRTC.
17 Financial Proposal formats and the Bus list in respect to revised EoI for selection of IRDA approved insurance agencies for OSRTC.
18 The IRDA Approved insurance Agencies are empanelled in OSRTC for a period of years.
19 Corrigendum-1 to EoI No. 477 Dated. 22.04.2022 (Allotment of Advertisement Rights on OSRTC Buses).
20 Invitation for Bids for Constuction of Market Building at Ranpur, Nayagarh.
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